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Commission Details

Accepted Payment Methods:
Paypal Email:
Patrons & Returning customers get %10.00 off


Simple Illustrations

Mid Range Illustrations

AVERAGE ILLASTRATION: $150.00- $200.00


Additional characters: +$20.00

Backgrounds: $35.00 - $40.00


FULL PAINTING: $170.00- $350.00

SPLASH ART: $300.00 - $500.00

Simplistic drawing: $50.00

Additional characters: +$15.00

Backgrounds: $15.00 - $25.00

High detailed Illustrations

AVERAGE ILLASTRATION: $250.00- $500.00


Additional characters: $30.00

Backgrounds:  $40.00  - $50.00

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Social media 
emote: $25.00
Emoteset 5": $100.00
Animated Emote: $40.00
Animated Emote "Set 5": $160.00
Twitch/youtube/etc banner:$100.00

Chibi icon: $60.00
Animated Chibi Icon: $100.00

Vtuber design(not cut/puppet): $350.00
Vtuber puppet cutting (separately): $250.00
Vtuber Model Puppet: $500.00
Rigging: $600.00

Full character avatar: $1050.00

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1)To reserve your spot in the que you pay half of your request up front and then the second half upon completion.

2)Be detailed in your commission request! pose, fine details, background? The more information the better! If there are glaring mistakes on the finished product please contact me and ill sort it out. Satisfaction with your request is one of my goals!

3)I am allowed to cancel at any time and offer a refund for a request/ commission.

4)To cancel a request/order you'll need to pay 10% of the commission cost due to time investment. 

5)Be polite, harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.

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